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The Toughest And Most Durable Leather

Inside The Boot

Which Toe Type Do I Need?

Steel Toe Work Boots

Engineered with heavy-duty tempered steel that’s then coated with epoxy to resist corrosion, these work boots for men and women meet ASTM impact and compression safety standards. Designed with an asymmetrical shape for a roomier fit, these toe boxes are designed to protect you from falling objects and other potential job-site injuries. These boots are designed with heavy protection and ultimate safety in mind. WHY THEY’RE GREAT: Steel-toe boots are super sturdy. They feature our thinnest toe caps and still offer maximum protection from potentially dangerous machinery, equipment and falling objects.

Composite Toe Work Boots

Our men’s composite toe work boots feature lightweight, non-metallic, non-magnetic toe caps, which meet ASTM impact and compression safety standards and are slower to conduct cold. WHY THEY’RE GREAT: Composite toe boots are light in weight, and won’t set off metal detectors. They’re also great for wearing in extreme high or low temperatures, because they don’t conduct heat or cold as quickly as metal toe boxes do.

In crafting our shoes and boots, only natural, full-grain leather hides are used. Slight imperfections and colour variations in the leather are normal characteristics of the quality hides being used.

Full-Grain Leather

The toughest and most durable leather on an animal is located just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight, and the leather in this section is known as "Full-Grain Leather. Out of all grades of leather, it's the strongest and most resiliant, so that's why every pair of JB Goodhue boots is crafted exclusively using Full-Grain leather.

You work hard, and you deserve only the best quality.