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worth every penny and then some

worth every penny and then some

I had some money a while ago {7 years ago} and i decided to purchase some good footwear. I am a long-haul truck driver. but that doesn't mean I sit in a seat all day. I have to climb in and out of my tractor and trailer. Load freight and unload freight. Pull and push pallet jacks. Some weighing 2000 lbs or more. In and out of the truck and trailer Mud, snow, rocks and everything else in between. I could go on describing what I put them trough, but you can figure that out. Suffice to say they have been through "HELL". And comfortable to boot. No pun intended Lol. I finally had to reluctantly replace them today. I bought what I hope will be a decent replacement. We will see. All I know is if they last 1/4 of the life of my JB's I will be happy. And I am saving up for a new pair of "Sparks 31010's". They are the best pair of work footwear I have ever bought. I can't wait until I wear my new ones out so I can get a new pair of JB's. Best I have ever had. " Tom H."

Author : Thomas C H.....
Posted Date : Jun 25, 2017, 01:04